Capitola: Where is the bait, darnit (but sunny!)

Women dancing on boat
Once again, too busy for very many pictures, though to be fair it wasn’t exactly bumper crop territory here today. Beyond what we’ve already posted, we’ve seen one limit of brown rock cod between two people. Ed was pretty busy with the shore boat today and he’s the one that really pays attention to catches, so we’re embarassingly not aware of what we missed, though it probably was mostly a rock cod thing.

Same story with the wharf – too busy to pay attention. There were a few perch here and there that we saw, but our lack of attention has to be accounted for there too. Of note however: nobody called for the net. So if anything decent did come in, they were well equipped to deal with it. Normally that’s not the case.

We continue to wait for bait. Boccie has been doing nightly runs in search of it, and the stenographer has been paying close attention to the radio when this hunting is going on, so the second he gets some, there will be a big post. Or small, with all caps. You’ll notice it.

Otherwise, a much nicer day today than yesterday weather wise. The fog burned off about noon, and left us with a very nice sunny warm-ish afternoon. In the photo you can see some of our marina customers enjoying the weather and the music – if you zoom in you’ll note they are dancing.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to start out with a denser marine layer, but it’s supposed to burn off even earlier, and we should see warming into the week.

May 24, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports