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Capitola: Capitola reef continues to produce

Cris Alex and flattie
Here are Cris and Alex with the 24 inch halibut they caught off the Capitola reef today. They were fishing with a white sassy shad in about 12 feet of water. Nice catch!

Dan and Tina went fishing today and caught two limits of nice brown rock fish just outside the harbor as well. They were using anchovies and strips of squid and swim baits.

This sounds like a broken record (or a skipping CD) but: we continue to wait for bait. The water is still a bit too cool, so it’s likely we really need to see warmer water before we see bait. Our fingers are turning blue from all the crossing they’re doing. Hurry up already, little fish.

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Santa Cruz: Airborne flatties in Santa Cruz

Mike and flattie
Here’s Mike and a better-than-legal flattie he caught off the wharf today. He was using one of his fluke lures. He said he saw quite a few small halibut jumping in the shallows this morning ’til about 10 a.m. or so. Mike caught and released two more in addition to this one.

The halibut that were jumping were probably going after some pinheads – Boccie got into a few of them (not keepers) this morning.

There was nothing to report off the Capitola wharf today – nobody was fishing, probably because it was miserably cold this morning.

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