Capitola: Larry Lands Little Legal Flattie and Hides

Rafael and halibut
Sheriff Larry was out today with his brother and brought in this just legal flattie. You’ll note that it is not in fact Sheriff Larry in the photo (this is intrepid Rafael with Larry’s fish). Larry “does not catch” small fish. So apparently you are not seeing this fish. Well – you are – but Larry had nothing to do with it. Or something.

Anyway, there were only a few boats out today in Capitola, but fishing was actually not bad. Larry reports that he and his brother caught and released several diverse large rock fish in 38 feet of water in front of O’Neil’s, including vermillion and cabezon. They also hooked up a couple of legal flatties in 18 feet off New Brighton beach. Most fish were taken on dead anchovies.

So far still no sign of live bait. Still waiting. Still hoping.

May 28, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports