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Capitola: Silver lining playing hide and seek with our hopefulness

Jim and halibut
Well, despite Boccie’s victory last night (and he still has quite a lot of bait – probably more than 50 scoops), we didn’t see much by way of improvement with fishing – maybe even a little downturn from yesterday.

It’s hard to tell, because we had *very* few boats out today – just one rental and a couple of privates. So again – not much of a sample, but here’s what we saw:

Jim pictured here caught this legal halibut and several rock cod on a late bite this afternoon. He was fishing swim baits off Capitola reef. At the moment, Jim is our highliner.

The other private boat we had out said it was a hard call for them – they were oscillating between Capitola and Lake Del Valle for today and opted for Capitola. They ended up being not too happy about the choice – they landed a bunch of small rock fish which they released as they weren’t targeting them.

The rental is still out – you can bet if they had a good day we’ll have another post.

Same kind of thing on the wharf today – literally *nobody* was fishing this afternoon – the only fishing we saw all day was a few guys who landed some jacksmelt this morning.

So – darn – it’s pretty hard to paint a rosey picture here other than to say that once again with so few people out, it’s hard to commit to saying that fishing is genuinely not good. But it kinda looks that way at the moment.

We have decent number of rentals reserved for tomorrow, so we’ll probably be able to be much more definitive after they have a go at it. Right now however it appears that this is one of those times where fishermen and women must pay their dues.

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