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Capitola: A nice late surprise

Kathy and halibut
To round out or both-ends-of-the-day sandwich, here’s Kathy with a nice legal flatty she just now brought in down in the surf line off the wharf. This 23 incher was enticed by her channel island swim bait. Nice catch Kathy!

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Capitola: Silver lining continues shy streak

Sam and halibut
Here’s Sam with a legal halibut he just caught on very end of the wharf. He was using a squid on a surf leader setup. A nice 25 incher – congrats Sam!

Sadly, we have posted highlights here – not much going on with the boats. We saw one legal ling come in, and the boat that caught the halibut earlier in the day were the highliners with two limits of small browns. Darn Glenn of course got his limit, but that’s Darn Glenn. Most folks didn’t do so well. That said, only two boats were skunked out of 13 – most had at least two browns on board.

Sheriff Larry today confirms mind bending activity at the cement ship as far as stripers are concerned. He saw at least 30 fish in the 8 to 15 pound range chasing his rapella lure. They’d come up close to the pier and turn away. Maddening but fun none the less. What Larry wouldn’t give for a live sardine. Seriously. He could probably get you out of a ticket or something. hehe hehe just kidding.

And that’s about it. Weather wise day started out with a thick marine layer and glassy calm seas, and right now we’re under pleasant sunny skies with 65 degrees. We might not even get an easterly.

Weather forecast for the next few days is a bit strange – they’re forecasting patchy rain with no winds or seas. Hmm. We’ll see what that turns out to be I guess. According to Darn Glenn, after a rain is the best time of all to fish. We saw this in action last year when he tore out of here in rental just as everyone else was running in because of lightening. He’s goofy that way. But he *did* get fish that day.

So – use your boat bucks and test Glenn’s theory this week – should be fun.

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Capitola: A nice early surprise

Mike and halibut
Mike caught this on the west side of the wharf on the edge of the kelp bed just now. He was using a rock cod jig with a strip of squid.

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