Capitola: Is mother ocean waking up?

Mike Jim halibuts
Mike and Jim did well fishing the edges of the kelp off Soquel point today. They got these two better-than-legal flatties using shrimp fly rigs with strips of squid. They were only one of two rentals out today – we’re still waiting for the second one.

Larry went out on his boat today and hooked up on a couple of lings – he kept one (they’re going to have fish and chips tonight).

The ocean has been looking lively today – *lots* of humpback whale action straight off the wharf about two miles into the bay. We saw several whales blowing, breaching and leaving the water entirely, with lots of commesurate bird action. So the whales are on some bait.

That maybe ties in with the large schools of anchovies that have been spotted over by the cement ship – mixed schools of medium to large fish. Maybe the whales are scaring them into shore? Dunno – at this point asking more is like looking a gift horse in the mouth – not gonna do it.

June 3, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports