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ReportTroller update: Monterey Bay Charters

Site Monterey Bay Charters has been updated!

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Capitola: Check out the lunker ling!

Tom and lingcod
Here’s Tom with a NICE 14 pound ling – the biggest one Ed’s seen so far this year. He caught it from his own boat, motor trolling with a home made rig. The rig is something like a halibut rig with a spinner on the front. This fish took its last bite off four mile. Tom also got two other lings – one very undersized and one just – in the same area. He was jealous of the rental with the near limit of browns. I dunno though, I think I’d stick with the monster.

Today was another slow day as far as rentals are concerned – we only had 2 out. So again our perspective isn’t so good. That said, radio halibut made a showing (we don’t know where), and Myron and Rafael had no problem fishing up a bunch of pacific mackerel and sardines by the mile reef.

Weather wise there was a bit of a swell today, but otherwise the weather this morning was beautiful. The winds came up this afternoon, but the thunder and lightening storm the forecast was saying we had a 50% chance of seeing is looking a lot like a no show. Tomorrow they’re talking about a “slight chance” of showers. “50%” was pretty nice – “slight chance” must be just awesome – can’t hardly wait!

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Capitola: Better late than never…

Ramondo and halibut
… but this is really pretty late. This is a two day old item – we forgot – sorry.

Here’s Ramondo with a legal halibut he caught off the wharf using a hair raiser in the surf line.

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Capitola: Dinner is served

Tony and buddy and rock fish
Tony and his buddy here used the little skipper GPS today and landed almost one limit of brown rock fish. They were fishing outside of the Capitola reef, using rock cod jigs with squid. Yummay!

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ReportTroller Notice: Bayside Marine

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New feature brewing

Just a heads up: I’m putting together a thing I’m calling “Report Troller” that checks for and reports on updates to other fishing reports.  Nothing fancy – it’ll just say “so and such report has an update” and include a link to the site.  I’m enabling it now for just Bayside Marine, but it should work for some other pages as well.  If you have a favorite report that you’d like to have the troller checking on, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


I’ve added Captain Jimmy Charters and Monterey Bay Charters reports to this as well.

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Thar be bait!!

Actually a bit late on this, but: Boccie got bait last night in 30 feet of water just below the cement ship.  He’s got about 40 scoops of 5-7 inch sardines in the receiver right now waiting for you – come and get ‘em.

Possibly of interest, Boccie reports that there were squid mixed in with every scoop he brought in, and there have been reports that squid are being caught commercially down around Monterey right now.

Also, Kevin reports that activity along New Brighton beach has picked up – he saw a big upsurge in the volume of catch in his net last night.

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