Capitola: Check out the lunker ling!

Tom and lingcod
Here’s Tom with a NICE 14 pound ling – the biggest one Ed’s seen so far this year. He caught it from his own boat, motor trolling with a home made rig. The rig is something like a halibut rig with a spinner on the front. This fish took its last bite off four mile. Tom also got two other lings – one very undersized and one just – in the same area. He was jealous of the rental with the near limit of browns. I dunno though, I think I’d stick with the monster.

Today was another slow day as far as rentals are concerned – we only had 2 out. So again our perspective isn’t so good. That said, radio halibut made a showing (we don’t know where), and Myron and Rafael had no problem fishing up a bunch of pacific mackerel and sardines by the mile reef.

Weather wise there was a bit of a swell today, but otherwise the weather this morning was beautiful. The winds came up this afternoon, but the thunder and lightening storm the forecast was saying we had a 50% chance of seeing is looking a lot like a no show. Tomorrow they’re talking about a “slight chance” of showers. “50%” was pretty nice – “slight chance” must be just awesome – can’t hardly wait!

June 5, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports