Capitola: Holy Mackerel!

Dad, Logan, Preston and mackerel and jacksmelt
Logan and Preston had fun with Dad today fishing in about 60 feet of water around Adams reef – they got into a whooole bunch pacific mackerel and jacksmelt. They came in a with full bucket of them and sore arms – they got tired of dragging in the fish!

That bit of information fits well with a couple of other indicators we’ve seen/heard about: Boccie and Kevin were out and about last night and came across a fast moving bait ball – sardines – that Kevin estimated at around 40 tons. Also this afternoon we saw some humpback whales pound the water like crazy off Manresa. All of this suggests rather strongly that the bait fish have arrived in a huge way. That should mean big flatties once the swell comes down.

Weather’s georgeous but the swell’s up from the south so it was a bit lumpy near shore today. Outside of a quarter mile or so however it was increasingly flat. Our track record on forecasting swell behavior is shall we say completely abysmal, but it’s *supposed* to come down from what it was today as a general trend. We’ll see. We’re just observers.

June 6, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports