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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Myrone in the zone

Myron and his first halibut
Our own Myron had a pretty major victory over the skunk today – he landed his first halibut!! He went to Santa Cruz first and fished the lighthouse, but only got two little browns so he came back here. This 12 pounder bit a frozen anchovy on a halibut rig off Capitola reef. Awesome catch Myron – congratulations!

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Capitola: Kayaks rule the day so far

Ken and flatties
Here’s Ken with his catch for today – 8 and a 12 pound halibuts! He was fishing from his super tricked out kayak off O’Neil’s using live sardines on a halibut rig. He jigged the sardines up just outside the marina, and used most of them fishing outside by the mile reef (nothing there but a couple of sea lions). Then he paddled up to Soquel point and got these two. He had something big on that straightened out his treble hook – no sea lion popped up after, so … (boo?).

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Capitola: Windy morning – kinda slow

Caitlin Jerry and browns
Caitlin and Jerry went out fishing by the Capitola reef this morning and managed to fish up these two browns. They were using dead anchovy bits on a striper rig. They also had a few bites out by Soquel point but nothing stuck. Bummer – it seems a bit slower today (though again, only two boats out).

Weather was a bit strange this morning – it was windy early and laid down around 9:30, which is when these fish bit.

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Capitola: This whole flatties off the wharf thing could catch on quickly

Paul and halibut
Paul and his friend flipped a coin as to which wharf they were going to visit, and ended up in Capitola. They were only here a short while when Paul hooked up on this legal halibut at the end of the wharf using a white hair raiser. They also caught a 5 inch stone crab in a crab net with a rock cod carcass.

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