Capitola: The dumb fish seem to have figured it out after all

Kurtis and halibut
Kurtis is our highliner by a mile today. He caught this 24 pounder using live sardines early this afternoon. Beautiful fish Kurtis!

We saw only one other halibut – it was just lost off the wharf this afternoon using chovies on a surf leader. The only other contender for highliner today *would* have been Sam with a nice sized thresher shark, but they forgot to bring a gaff and a net with them on their boat, so it got away (ouch!!). Another boat saw a thresher jump out of the water by the mile reef a short while after that.

Otherwise, it was a slow day for most boats. Weird in a way, because today was nicer than yesterday: this morning the seas were calm and greasy looking, and it only got a little breezy in the afternoon.

Bait wise sardines appeared to be widely scattered, with jiggable concentrations (including some in the marina) producing large-ish fish.

June 13, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports