Capitola: Darn Glenn Catches a Taco

Darn Glenns Taco
Here’s Darn Glenn’s fish taco for tonight. This right here is about the average for today’s catch for most boats – not so good. Glenn did catch a limit of fish, but they were too small – this one was the keeper.

Kurtis and Dan each managed to catch a legal halibut off Soquel point. Dan said he lost a nice fish (probably a halibut) inside the mile reef. There was a rumor of a white seabass being caught – someone asked for a size limit on them on the radio – that’s all we have.

There’s still some bait down by the cement ship – scattered spots of sardines and mackerel.

It was not a good day for catching fish. South swell up, fish shut their mouths. And it’s up.

June 14, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports