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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Younger brother cedes to the elder

Bill and halibuts
Ok – Larry feels guilty now. Here’s Larry’s brother Bill with his catch. The 18 pounder is the one Larry was holding the group picture, the 26 incher is Bill’s other fish. Larry insists that we mention that he (Larry) did in fact catch *more* fish than his brother, but they were small (but legal) and Larry doesn’t do small

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Capitola: Weeee doggies – flatties

The gang and lots of halibuts
Here’s a big chunk of the local Capitola gang with their prizes for the day. This here is a lot of halibut. Larry on the left here is holding up his brother’s fish as if it were his own. I’m certainly not going to spill the beans on that one for him, nosir. But – it’s a 18 pounder – nice catch Larry’s Brother BIll (who is not in the picture (but should be)). Pretty much all of these fish came in somewhere in the vicinity of Soquel point – both on the west and east side of it. They caught these on live sardines, squid, and dead anchovies. It kinda looks like there’s actually a bite going on.

The south swell we’ve been complaining about is in fact down *some* – but not completely. And the forecast does continue to call for a south-ish swell for at least a few days yet. But – clearly – the fish are already hungry so – no complaining here.

Ed is actually just about as happy to have learned that Frank and Gomez in the previous post actually managed to jig up some large *anchovies* as he is to see this nice catch. Anchovies have been distictly missing so far this year, so they’re a welcome sight. They’re easier bait to keep alive through the day and so kind of better bait all around. Hopefully when the swell really does finally die down, we’ll see a bunch of them.

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Capitola: It is looking like Soquel Point is the place to be…

Frank Gomez ling and halibut
Here are Frank and Gomez with their catch – a legal ling and a 24 inch flattie. They were fishing live anchovies for the halibut – they jigged those up – and dead chovies for the ling. They didn’t remember where they were fishing other than out in front of the green house (O’Neil’s).

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Capitola: Boat Buck Bring Big Bang

Bunch of guys, fish
Ok – so things look a bit better today – in fact kind of a lot better as you’ll see.

First, here’s Chahn and Loc and their gang – two boats worth – showing off part of their catch, which it total consisted of 16 rock fish, 1 ling at 6 lbs, and 1 rock greenling. They were fishing with squid and anchovies in 30 feet of water off Soquel point. They jigged the chovies up somewhere – they didn’t remember where. Nice catch!!

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ReportTroller update: Monterey Bay Charters

The Monterey Bay Charters fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Perch still fun to catch on the wharf

Kole,Farrah Lexah, Luke, perch
Our apologies in advance if the spelling is off on this you guys – the note was a bit difficult to read.

Here are Kole, Farrah, Lexah, and Luke with some of the perch they caught off the wharf this morning. They got into a mix of walleyes and shiners using shrimp on bait jigs – and had an blast reeling them in! These little ones are the current wharf highliners for today – congratulations you guys!

There was a skate behind the bait shop – doesn’t count though :)

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