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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Soquel point Soquel point Soquel point

Matt and flatties
And here’s our highliner! Matt caught these again in the same area – 35 feet of water off Soquel point. He too was using frozen squid, and he too was right next to Ed when he got these. Dan and one other boat got one as well. Same area, same depth – the whole thing. Perhaps Ed’s good fishing karma is sloughing off onto whoever happens to be near him, cuz darn darn darn – no fish for Ed.

Kurtis went further on up the coast but ended up flying the skunk flag.

Weather wise the swell is back up with a vengeance again, but that’s not stopping these flatties. The swell is supposed to peak tomorrow and be gone by Friday. That’d be nice.

Bait wise, everything is down by the cement ship in 30 feet of water right now, scattered, and hard to get. They’re mostly sardines and mackerel.

Sightseeing was fun today however – there was a whale jumping completely out of the water for a while in 35 feet of water between the ship and new brighton. Extremely cool!

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Capitola: The astute among you…

Shanne and halibut
… and everyone else for that matter, will no doubt have begun to notice a pattern…

Here’s Shanne with dinner! He hooked this one in 35 feet water off Soquel point using frozen squid. Ed was right next to him when he caught this one, but no joy for Ed. Darn.

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Capitola: Big Brother Takes Junior to School

Bill and another halibut
Ok check out Bill here – two days in a row! He got this one fishing live sardines off Soquel point in 35 feet of water. Other than this, they had a few takedowns but nothing more in the box. They’d have stayed out longer but Larry had to go in to work.

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ReportTroller update: Monterey Bay Charters

The Monterey Bay Charters fishing report has been updated!

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