Capitola: They need to make a bigger version of Soquel Point

Corey and ling
And here’s Corey – same story! Right around 10:00am, same spot, using a frozen chovie on a halibut rig. This one is also just legal, but again – a fine dinner. They said they had something else on – something *big* – but they had more fun watching Myron, whose story we will now tell:

So – yeah – Myron got into a little something today (in the same spot) that, well — he hooked up on what was about a 45 to 50 pound thresher shark using a live sardine. It bit on his first drop, so he was one happy camper, until it came time to actually get it into the boat. Basically Myron ended up doing kinda “laps” around his boat as he fought the thing, and he fell down a few times, and kinda almost fell out of the boat a few times. So – lots of folks actually got a lot of entertainment value from it for about a half hour (!). Too bad it ultimately cut the line, it would have been a nice trophy.

All the bait is still down by the ship, it’s the same stuff, and there was lots of it today. Ed also saw some dark water outside the marina this afternoon with pelicans diving on it. He’s hoping it’s finally some anchovies showing up. The swell seems to be subsiding a bit right now as well. So – if things keep going this way, it might be a pretty nice weekend.

June 17, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports