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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Yaaaaay kingfish!

Allen and halibut
Allen and his brother Alex fished out by the mile reef and apparently found another little pocket of activity. Here’s Allen’s legal halibut – he caught this with a live king fish on a halbut rig. Alex did not want to get in the picture with his small brown rock cod, but it is none the less of note.

Also of note – kingfish. We haven’t seen many of those around in quite a while – they kinda went “somewhere”. So it’s pretty heartening to see a few of them show up out there. Maybe this is a real trend reversal.

Right now there’s a *ton* of activity just outside the marina – sea lions and birds working on some large 10-12 inch sardines. Other than that, the swell continues to look down-ish. But Da notes that there is another swell coming our way sometime in the next few days. Neither the NOAA discussion nor the Pigeon to Pinos forecast show any such thing, but this is some kinda grapevine thing.

All in all, a pretty good day. Our Santa Cruz location has not had anything to report yet today, but they do have the equipment at this point, so it’s just a matter of time.

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Capitola: It must be Barnes

Matt Barnes and halibut
Matt has had some kind of major karmic turn around the last few days – he has caught more halibut in that time than he ever caught in his entire life. Not at a time. Entirely. Yer lookin at it.

He and Barnes here hooked up on this eight pounder using a live sardine on a halibut rig in the same area around 9:00am. Which – doubly good karmic wise – he slept in and only got out there like around 8:30. Must be nice, Matt. Congrats!

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Capitola: You say potato I say potah toe

Kurtis and thrEsher
This is a thrEsher shark. It has a thrEsher like tail, which it used to great effect today just before Kurtis hooked up on it. This one bit on a live sardine off Soquel point in about 40 feet of water. Mike spotted it and called Kurtis over. Kurtis lobbed his halibut rig in front of it and it took the bait. By all accounts a very good fight – about 20 minutes. He also just came in with a smaller one and a ling. Fishing is pretty good in that same spot, as you will continue to see…..

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Capitola: Swell is in fact down as they forecast

Darren and flattie
Here’s Darren with his second ever halibut. It was an inch short so he let it go but still he was pretty happy about it. He caught it at about 10:00 am down by the gate midway on the wharf using a live shiner (we didn’t catch the kind of rig he was using).

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Capitola: Insert jaws theme music here

Richard and sand shark
Richard had some fun fighting this three and a half foot sand shark in the surf line this morning. He caught it with anchovies on a surf leader probably around 9:00am or so. It tried to bite him – it took forever to take this picture without human blood being spilled. He released it after.

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Santa Cruz: Finally!!!

We made all kinds of noise about it last year — and then nothing happened. Well, this year (in fact as of today), our Santa Cruz location has a new computer and an internet connection. So very shortly – you will start seeing regular posts from the other side of town in addition to the Capitola ones. Rejoice!

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