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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: The commercial fisherman never sleeps – almost

Kurtis is very tired
This is what 49 consecutive days of halibut fishing can do to you. This here is our indestructable Kurtis with what appears to be some involuntary down time. He caught four flatties today using live sardines which he jigged up down past the ship. We are afraid to bother him with pesky detaily questions today for reasons that are probably obvious. But – once again, Kurtis is our highliner.

In other news, there’s a rumor that there was a whole bunch of bait up toward Santa Cruz just outside the harbor. They were reported to be sardines, didn’t get a size. The ones past the ship were still the big ones. Ed saw a lot of shearwaters again today inbetween the wharf and the ship. This is the same thing that got him hoping on the anchovy situation yesterday – we’re still waiting but it definitely is that time of year.

The weather turned out a lot nicer than some thought it would be. The stenographer was and remains pretty confident that whatever this gale thing turns out to be, it’s not going to be much of anything in Capitola. But he doesn’t count. If you’ve been around here for a while you might have been worried about some wrap-around-the-point action. It never showed up – score 1 for stenographer.

Oh – and whatever the gale thing turns out to be, it’s supposed to basically have blow by for the most part by tomorrow morning. If that all pans out, we’ll just have a dense marine layer tomorrow and that’s about it.

[edit] It is 48 consecutive days. В He’s trying for some kind of record

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Capitola: A very happy birthday to Kyannah!

Kyannah and Family and rock fish
Kyannah wanted to go fishing today for her birthday, and so her whole family brought her out to do some ocean fishing today. They fished Capitola reef with frozen anchovies on halibut rigs and pulled in a handful and a half of brown rock fish. Nice catch – happy birthday Kyannah!

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Capitola: So early you could hear the dawn crack

Eric James Dad lots of rock cod
These were our early birds today, and they pretty much got the worm. Eric, James, and Dad scored dinner for the next week or two (unless they have lots of friends) with the close to two limits of rock fish that they kept today. They were fishing Capitola reef with rock cod jigs with chovie chunks on them. Beautiful catch you guys.

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Capitola: How long til we can google kayak Jim?

Jim and another halibut
Kayak Jim scores *again*. He fished New Brighton beach this morning with a hawg raiser. He caught this one on his first cast, and released another one later in the morning. We are getting tired of congratulating you, Jim. Stop. Please. Stop. :-)

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Santa Cruz: Finally made it online

Santa Cruz Boat Rentals is finally on-line, we will be collecting pictures and putting them on the web for all you fisherman who are waiting to have a moment of fame. So come on down and show us how it’s done rather just on the wharf or on our boats we would like a picture. thank you to all that already have had pictures taken this year we will have them posted very shortly.

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ReportTroller update: Monterey Bay Charters

The Monterey Bay Charters fishing report has been updated!

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