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Santa Cruz: Bucket of rockcod

Bucket of Rockcod
Today was a hit for rockcod. We still have boats available to rent for Father’s Day. A great day for son’s and daughters to take DAD out fishing!. You may be lucky and catch Halibut, Lingcod and rockcod.

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Santa Cruz: Jeff nice Cabazon

Jeff went fishing just north of the light house in 70 feet of water, using a fish trap. Great catch Jeff!

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ReportTroller update: Captain Jimmy Charters

The Captain Jimmy Charters fishing report has been updated!

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Santa Cruz: Rockcod catch

Sam,Will, Kellen
Great day fishing, caught rockcods and vermillion. Was using shrimp flys and anchovies in 70 feet of water, out in front of light house.

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Capitola: A very long day for Ed

Mike and halibut
Mike has tuned into a afternoon halibut bite on the wharf today. This barely legal one came in down in the surf line on a green and black fluke lure. Lots of folks are fishing the same area now, but so far this is the wharf highliner. This was the largest of three Mike has hooked into so far.

The morning started off *dark* – a testament to how early Ed got here (the operative word being “too”). He tried his throw net off the floating dock when it was still dark and ended up with a net full of pinhead anchovies (a mess). So – not much by way of live bait for sale here today.

The whole rental fleet was out today, and it all came back in at the same time so we missed a bunch of pictures – sorry. Most boats came in with a variety of rock cod, one boat had an 11 pound ling, and another had two better-than-legal halibut off the mile reef. There were also a couple boats that had thresher sharks on, but none landed. Rumor has it that only one thresher was actually caught today and that it will be on the Bayside report. It was supposedly over 100 pounds and had a tag on it.

Right now it looks like there’s quite a bit more bait outside the marina – Ed maintains high hopes that he’ll net some tomorrow.

We still have some openings for reservations for boats for Father’s Day tomorrow – if those don’t fill we’ll have maybe 8-10 boats available for walk ins. If you haven’t reserved, please come early to avoid disappointment.

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Capitola: Wharf perch fishing == good(!)

Rutso and calico perch
Rutso got in on some of the really impressive perch fishing off the wharf today. Here he is with the biggest of his catch – a calico perch. He caught it close to the beach using shrimp on a surf leader setup.

Kids at the end the end of the wharf were pulling in stringers of walleyes using shrimp on bait jigs. Really there was action all up and down the wharf with perch and jacksmelt – a pretty fun day for the kids.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Santa Cruz: continued from the rockcod Hitting!

Hey, everybody check this out !!! Great Day at Santa Cruz Boat Rentals. Flletcher, Mike and Ken pulled in a total of 22 rockcod. Caught with shrimp, squid, and achovies at around 80 ft. near Natural Bridges. Good job guys, thanks for the pics.

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Capitola: Another one from the ONeil horn-o-plenty

Shawn and Lingcod
Here’s Shawn with his lingcod for the day. He was fishing mackerel on a steel leader between O’Neil’s and the hook out past the kelp bed when this one gave it up. Nice fish!

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Santa Cruz: Rockcods are hitting!!!!

today at santa cruz we had a total of 9 boats go out and all 9 came in with fish. they ranged from blacks,gophers,a couple of vermilions,olives,and some blues. No halibut off the boats but nailing them off the wharf. No lingcod seen today a bunch of stories about how they all had one hit though.

Pics will be posted shortly.

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Capitola: The wages of persistence cannot be discounted

Pete and halibut
Mouths are agape this afternoon, as Pete the Persistent has in fact actually caught a fish. And not just “a fish” but actually, a “hog”. This is Pete’s first fish in well, quite a very very long while, and it’s a 28 pound flattie! He caught it off O’Neil’s using a live sardine that he jigged up himself (ding ding ding!!) on a halibut rig. Will the world recover? CONGRATULATIONS PETE!!!!!

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