Capitola: Fathers Day reels in the smiles

It was a slow day for rock cod here, so we didn’t take any pictures save for this one. This is the Aljamal family and some very very happy kids! They got into a bunch of mackerel and jacksmelt and had a blast reeling in a small cooler full of them.

This is in fact representative of what we saw here today – a lot of proud dads with happy kids catching a lot of bait fish. Most boats were families getting out to have fun, so not a lot of serious targeting on the rentals today. However, we did hear from one of the dads that he hooked up on three juvenile white seabass today along the edge of the kelp off of privates. He was flylining live sardines and got three 26 inchers (he released them).

So – while it’s always nice to have some decent catches to point to, today more than made up for it in the smiling faces category. We had a ton of fun and the band was pleasant so all in all still a great day.

June 21, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports