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Capitola: Late halibut in the surfline

Romando found a early evening halibut for himself in the sufline just now. He was fishing a live shiner under a bobber – it’s about 25 inches.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Big sharks and fleeing skunks

Well folks, we are now in the awkward position of having a *103* lb thresher shark look pretty boring. Here, again, is Kurtis, again our highliner, again with a big shark, again an order of magnitude larger than the last one. Well – not really an order of magnitude – just two times, but it’s big. This one was 103 pounds undressed! He caught it on a live sardine using the same kind of rig he used yesterday, in the same location. BOOORRRING! В [edit: By the way, congratulations Kurtis - that's an awesome fish!!]

The rental situation today was not so good. We only had three boats out, and we only saw one legal ling and a few rock cod come in. Boats were fishing up off Soquel point – they should have done better, not sure what went wrong there. Anyway – there’s always tomorrow.

The real brain bomb today comes from Ed himself, who *finally* got the skunk off his boat with a 26 inch halibut! Dan got two as well, and Josh got one. They were all fishing Soquel point in about 40 feet of water using live sardines on halibut rigs. We could not be happier – Ed has been one mopey dude of late. Now he is all smiles and the stars are lining up right again, things fall when you drop them, and cats don’t like dogs.

Bait conditions are looking better – Ed got some nice jack mackerel and sardines jigging just outside the marina. Jack mackerel are good for everything – halibut, lings, white seabass, even salmon – so it’s good that they’ve shown up. The best thing about them is that they’re easy to keep alive – not a super high oxygen requirement and they’re tough.

The weather was beautiful. Well – not if you like overcast for your fishing – but if you don’t mind a beautiful sunny day today was one of those. Right now they’re saying the weekend is going to be at least as nice as today – that’d be great!

Ed’s going out tomorrow as well, and we can only hope that some planetary conjunction hooks him up with a big ‘ol hawg.

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Santa Cruz: Great day for Rockcod

Ken and Steve had a great day in Santa Cruz catching Rockcod off the yellow boats using anchovies .

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ReportTroller update: Stagnaro Sport Fishing

The Stagnaro Sport Fishing fishing report has been updated!

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