Capitola: Fish see sun, run away

It was again a bit on the slow side here – only 3 rentals out fishing today, and Eric here is today’s top dog. He caught these using swim baits and some rock cod rigs with anchovies off Capitola reef. When he came in he mentioned that the fish he kept came in on a later bite – toward 3:00pm. For some real excitement, you might wanna go take a look at Bayside’s report tonight – they have some nice pictures up.

On the wharf today we saw a variety of jacksmelt, perch, and shiners coming in all up and down the wharf pretty much all day long. It was another great day to bring the kids out here. Also, Mike had a striper come up on his fluke about 11:00am – it followed his lure and then swam the other way. There are still a couple of hours of daylight – may be worth trying to entice that one into a “commitment”.

On the commercial side, Kurtis brought back three 28 inch halibuts from Soquel point. Josh got one around the same size, and one 25 inch ling.

Bait wise, looks like still a lot of bait outside the marina – sardines and mackerel, and even more down by the ship. There were some big net boats down there scooping it up. But we’re still waiting for something to put in the receiver. Hopefully the net boats will save something for us, or scare them over here, or something.

Weather: awesome. This might just have been the nicest day we’ve had all summer so far. Looks like we’re finally getting into some proper summer-like weather. If you have a chance – double check the report and head on down here. It’s our little corner of paradise right now and you can bring boat bucks.

June 23, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports