Capitola: Is flattie-and-a-grass-cod a new menu item or something?

The other boat that did “pretty well” was the one that Jim and his sons took out. They brought in some grass cod and a 30 inche flattie using swim baits near the kelp bed on the west side of wharf. Of particular interest is the 30 inch white seabass they lost right at the boat. Sadly it was a comedy of errors – at first they didn’t recognize what it was, then once they did they gaffed on the gaffing. Ugh!

Pretty quiet on the wharf today – Mike lost a halibut to a harbor seal, and that’s about all we’ve heard. Ed is waiting for a repeat of yesterday with some shiners. That seems like a reasonable hope, because the bait situation is the same as it was yesterday; there’s a bunch of bait outside the marina, and more as you go toward the cement ship.

Today was not as nice as yesterday (unless you like overcast – it was awesome if you’re into that). But otherwise it was not too windy and really not a bad day to get out and fish.

June 24, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Jeff - June 30, 2009

    Nice fish there little buddy!