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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: I am ready for my closeup Mr Warhol

Barukh is a regular reader of the report here, so he was pretty jazzed about landing this striper on the wharf today. Here it is dude – your (first) 15 minutes :)

He was fishing close to the surf line flylining a mackerel which he jigged up in the same area with a bait jig. A school of stripers was swimming around in the area when this one was caught – no one else caught one. But Steve (fishing closer to the beach) caught a 26 inch halibut on a live sardine. We’d have had a nice picture of it but Ed was kinda busy jigging up baits. Problem was that bait was a little more hard to come by toward the latter part of the day, so he was kinda busy.

While he was on his way down to take a picture, he had another one on but it popped off. And as Ed was walking back he saw some people catching shiners by the gate. Ed would have jigged some of those up, but he wanted to engage the stenographer before he bailed out. Good call Ed :)

So today – bait wise, *off the hook* in the morning and especially toward the outside of the marina. It was nuts. And sea lions are still hanging around – they’re stuffed.

Weather wise – this morning a bit drizzly, and a bit breezy, but that all laid down by about 8:00am. It stayed really nice ’til about 1:00pm when the winds started coming up again. We’re definitely moving into a summer pattern here.

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Capitola: This bait fishing with the kids thing is catching on

Here’s Leo and his dad with a bucket of some of the stuff that was swimming around here by the millions today. They caught sardines, mackerel, jacksmelt, and kingfish (yay!). Leo is a regular on the wharf here – many times he’s spent a good chunk of his day around our bait tank netting bait. So today was definitely a red letter day for Leo – he caught his own with a bait jig on a BOAT!! Arguably his best fishing day ever. Here’s to many more, Leo!!

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Capitola: First time kayaker scores some joy

Brian went out kayaking today with his dad and they fished around Capitola reef this morning. This was their catch – two browns! This was Brian’s first time out here and the first time he’s caught some fish, so he was extremely happy about it (“Yeah! YEAH! That was sooooo cool!”). Congratulations Brian!

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Santa Cruz: This fish is still in the water because….

…it’s a black sea bass!

Sheriff Larry hooked this one just off the Santa Cruz lighthouse today. He snapped this picture with his cell phone before he carefully removed the hook and let it go (it never left the water). Larry caught and released one of these a couple years ago as well – the photo is in the archives.

Look closely – it’s a really cool looking fish, but you don’t wanna confuse it for anything else. This thing is super rare and endangered, and if you get caught with one of these you can say goodbye to your life savings. The fine is HUGE!!

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Capitola: Wide open bait

Bait (sardines) is everywhere in area in and around the marina right and toward the point right now. Sea lions everywhere.

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