Capitola: Gimme a D. Gimme a A……

K well I don’t have enough space to spell it out in the title but yeah you guessed it: Darn Glenn again.

Here he is with his 5 foot long stringer of fish. Most people did not do this well today. But of course Glenn is not most people. So let’s examine Darn Glenn’s day, maybe we can learn from him.

He fished all day. Most of the day he tried for halibut off Soquel point. This was not a fruitful exercise except for one just legal one which you see here – it bit a live sardine. As the day came near to a close, Glenn pushed the fail safe button (well, for him anyway) and went for the rock cod. All of these came from Soquel point and they all bit on swim baits.

Once again Glenn, we are in awe.

June 26, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports