Capitola: The Teachers strike again!

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 77237 * Our favorite teachers – Jeffrey and Carla have returned, and they are really getting the hang of this. You’ll recall last year when they were completely psyched about the handful of jacksmelt they caught their first day out on a rental. Well, both their fishing technique and their confidence with the boats has improved by veritable leaps and bounds, and we could not be more proud. We are kinda like proud parents with these two. Kinda. Anyway, today was a *really* productive day for them and MANY of the rentals. The majority of boats came back with at least one or two limits of rock fish. We were super busy, cuz everyone came in at the same time so we didn’t get the chance to interview lots of folks or take lots of pictures. But our *sense* of things was that rock fish were being caught pretty much all over the place – from the mile reef to the point.

Elsewhere on the water, one of the private boats that we launched said they caught and released three short white seabass just off New Brighton. They also had several decent (legal) white seabass run off into the kelp where they snapped off. Throughout the day they also had lots of rock cod and one flattie. They were using live bait on halibut rigs.

Bait wise there are still a lot of mackerel and sardines outside the marina – lots more than yesterday. There are some pinhead anchovies close to the beach as well. Bait was pretty easy to come by overall.

We have a southern wind swell up right now – no idea how long that’s going to last, but it’s just wind swell so the energy level is relatively low – it’s more annoying than anything.

Grab some boat bucks and get out here while the fishing’s good!

June 28, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports