Capitola: Highliners defeat banana chip

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 78086 * Aaron, Raymond, and Litao were our highliners today with a 33 pound thresher shark and a small halibut. They kinda bucked the local mythology here: you’ll notice that the guy on the left is holding a chip of some sort. It is a ***banana*** chip, which means they had a ***really*** lucky day. The locals here curse the very existence of the fruit – it’s bad juju for fishing. So wow – congratulations you guys!!

Anyway – they caught the thresher on a swim bait off O’Neil’s – same for the halibut. They also lost a nice lingcod and a halibut in the same area – the halibut got off at the boat (doubtless that was the chip’s fault).

Perch fishing on the wharf is still very good – we saw lots of walleyes and shiners and some jacksmelt coming up on various bait jigs and surf leaders with small hooks and little pieces of shrimp. And all this despite the fact that the swell is way down today – usually the perch and such get a little less active when the break goes away but they’re still hungry – good news for wharf fishing.

Bait wise, Ed saw a bunch of pinhead anchovies popping all around the wharf early in the morning. Some of these were caught on bait jigs this morning (they went into hiding later in the day). We’re still waiting for the regular influx of anchovies – it really hasn’t happened yet. When they do, we should see more stripers and halibut around – chovies are tastier (or something). Paradoxically, some boats were having trouble jigging up bait today, but there was a good bait ball off New Brighton – it was a matter of being in the right spot. If the swell continues its downward trend, there should be no problem getting bait.

July 2, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports