Capitola: Looonnnng ride for a cooler full of Charlie Tuna

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 78093 * Oh – yeah – so there is this one other thing that’s been going on around here – tuna! Here are some of our more intrepid fishermen with their catch for today – seven nice albacore tuna. They went out about 80 miles southwest from here – 36Вє 25′ N 123 Вє 12′ W. The fish bit on all kinds of lures – all the standard trolling jigs. It didn’t matter what really – the fish were biting anything. The fleet in the area was about 15 strong, and one or two boats were talking about staying the night.

One other little detail – when Kurtis got back he was all breathless cuz he had a mako shark on – somewhere in the 200-250 pound range (it was a good 8 feet long). They saw it finning, and they chased it around until Kurtis hooked it. It was on for 30 seconds before it broke the line (it was only 25 pound test). He’s going to target them tomorrow (which will be his 63rd consecutive fishing day) – hopfully we’ll see a monster mako in here tomorrow afternoon.

July 2, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports