Capitola: We gingerly step away from the ticking mass of speculation

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Excellent wharf fishing for the kids here today. We had veritable perch catching machine out here in the form of kids with fishing poles. Here’s Abraham with one of his – a black perch. Other perch that were caught include walleyes, shiners, and mackerel.

We still have pinheads around the wharf, and sardines and mackerel have moved slightly away from shore in 30-40 feet of water. There is a nice sized blob of sardines out in front, which is always a good sign of fresh inbound bait.

We only had three rentals out today. One boat got a limit of small rockcod fishing in front of O’Neil’s. Another boat got a blenny eel and a couple of octopus. Nothing else, but they sure had a ball.

There’s *really* nice water off Capitola now. There’s some reflective swell near shore from a small southern ground swell, but once you get out a ways it’s flat as a board.

The last of the three rentals are really our highliners today however. They hooked up on five short white seabass fishing out in front of O’Neil’s just on the edge of the kelp bed flylining live sardines. It’s of course easy to speculate, and we’re just not gonna take the easy road today folks, so – it is what it is.

July 6, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports