Capitola: There is more than one mystery spot hereabouts

The Lastfogel family had quite an impressive day fishing for rock fish today. As you can see here, they pretty much filled the boat with rock cod. They caught 37 fish between four people! Fish and Game came up on them and told them they had to stop as they were at their limit. Nice!

They were fishing a mystery spot. They said they were in betwen the mile reef and the point and kind of inside the number 3 yellow buoy and O’Neil’s. Sounds kinda like Adams reef, but it’s a big reef. They were using frozen anchovies and squid on rock cod rigs.

As for the remainder of the boats, most had a few rock cod. One had a really good time with a dozen king fish, and one private boat caught two stripers – one 10 and one 11 pounds – fishing close to the beach off of New Brighton using a rattle trap. The same boat was fishing up by O’Neil’s and released a 20 pound halibut (he doesn’t eat fish so he released everything).

Ed cried.

July 8, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports