Capitola: JoJo picks a pickled popper

Here’s JoJo with his first striper of the season. He got it on a green pencil popper. He wasn’t sure that it would work cuz he had heard that red and white ones were working better. After a LONG deliberation, he decided to try the green – and that turned out to be a good choice! This one is a 20 incher and he hooked it on his sixth cast off the flume. And guess what: he went back down and caught another one in only 4 casts, and it weighed 18.5 pounds.

Of course, all this went to his head, how could it not – he has fished these waters for countless millenia. So while we *do* have a photo of the larger fish, we are only posting that to the gallery because he looks a little too – well – confident in it. There are other words. But this is a PG site. Won’t go there. Anyway – go the the gallery to see it and his royal majesty.

July 15, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports