Capitola: Great time to be on the water

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 81241 * Here’s Sam with a 28 inch flattie. He caught it off Capitola reef using a live sardine on a halibut rig.

This fish and Larry’s are kind of the exception to the rule today. We had 14 boats out, and most of those caught a few rock cod each. Our best explanation is: good luck. Obviously there are flatties about – it’s just a question of getting them to bite. You know. Like fishing.

Bait wise, Ed got his birthday wish and was able to finally throw his net over some decent balls of bait off the wharf! I caught about 150 sardines in one toss (though – he admits he was a bit rusty – a few practice figure 8′s came first. He also had one toss where he would have had a completely full net were it not for the fact that a sea lion decided to bite through (and hole) the net and have itself a free feast. Darn (!!!). But on whole – it’s a happy occasion. We have live bait in the tank – not a lot, but some. And if the bait continues doing what it’s doing we should have some on and off for a while. We hope.

Weather: paradise. There wasn’t even an easterly last night – just flat calm wind and seas, and it was even kinda warm at night. Today – a bit foggy in the morning, then just really nice in the lower 70s all day. Typical summer day here – can’t really ask for more.

July 16, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports