Capitola: Today we paid our pennance for not posting

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 82051 * We had a very slow day with the rentals today – only 2 boats fishing! The ones who were serious had a couple of takedowns but didn’t get anything (they only had three hours to fish due to famillial obligations). The other was a couple of dads with their sons. They didn’t keep anything but had a ball jigging bait. One other boat went out for a boat ride.

Brandon here went out on his kayak and managed to hook this 29 inch white seabass on a white hair raiser off privates in the kelp bed. That’ll be some tasty eating!

Otherwise it started out unusually chilly, drizzly, and gray, with a small amount of swelll. It got warmer (but still gray) around 11am, then finally became a proper summer day after 1:00pm. Tomorrow is supposed to be similar but of course that’s the weather forecast. At the moment it’s hard to tell if the swell is still here – it’s high tide. But – the small swell we have is of course not in any forecast we’ve seen.

On the wharf today people still doing well jigging mackerel.

There’s still lots of bait just outside the marina. Ed clogged his throw net Sunday morning with a huge number of pinhead anchovies – really the biggest mess that the stenographer has ever seen.

Right now there are a bunch of shearwaters sitting off cap reef in about 40 feet – more evidence of bait and summer and good things.

July 20, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports