Capitola: K yes that IS a Spongebob Squarepants (r) buoy on the reef out there

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 84530 * Here’s Roy with his catch off the wharf from last night – testament to the fact that the striper action is still going strong. Ed saw two in addition to this as he was walking off the wharf last night. Larry caught a couple more today, but none so far on the wharf. Roy did see one roll on his bait about an hour ago – maybe it’s a late bite.

We had only sight seeing boats out today – none fishing. So the only fishing report we have is from a private boat. They came in with three legal (just better than) halibut that they caught off Capitola reef with live sardines.

The swell is down. The bait is still here. Weather is supposed to warm up. So really things are *primed* to be awesome if nothing changes.

Ed just re-buoyed the Capitola Reef with a big rectangular one that he put a couple of eyes on so now it looks like Spongebob – you can’t miss it. Really, you should come down and rent a boat just so you can say you saw it.

July 31, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports