Capitola: Go, Spongebob, Go!

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 84719 * Kevin and Daniel were fishing the edge of Bombora reef today and came across a bunch of grass cod that were interested enough in their frozen sardine chunks on a surf leader setup to actually bite it. And this happened eighteen times! Plus a small halibut!! One of our rentals fishing next to them had 6 grass cod and a legal halibut. Nice spot guys!

So, ‘member that Spongebob buoy that Ed put out over Capitola reef yesterday? Well it turns out that if you Indiana Jones’d your way out there (it’s not that far really), you got a nice surprise. Quite a few boats caught 2-3 rock fish – mostly browns – in the area of Spongebob. One rental that worked the area hard ended up with THIRTY SEVEN rock cod – all nice quality browns.

Today was another one of those days where people came in off the water so fast that we were short handed and didn’t get photos. Sorry. But – most boats came in with 2-3 rock cod. Ed didn’t notice any skunks though it was pretty busy so he might have missed one.

Bait is still nuts out there, and it’s still really good around the wharf. No problem dropping a bait jig off the side of the wharf and getting a little stringer of sardines, mackerel, perch, and jacksmelt. There were three small striped bass caught off the wharf this morning, one was legal, all were released.

Weather – it could be warmer. We’re kinda hoping on that, cuz that’ll make the ghosts come back (probably). But – it’s still nice – mostly a normal summer day (fog in the morning, clearing in the afternoon etc etc etc).

August 1, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports