Capitola: We are running out of Spongebob jokes

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 84984 * Colleen and Josh visited His Squareness today as well, and ended up with this nice legal flattie along with some rock cod ( three browns and a gopher) which they released. Colleen (who caught the halibut) was using dead jacksmelt on a halibut rig. Awesome dinner Colleen!

We saw lots of browns come in from the same area, and heard of a number of undersized lings being caught and released as well. We definitely saw some skunked rentals today – probably as many as 6 boats (out of 20). But there was *nobody* getting skunked when it came to bait fish – sardines, mackerel, and above all jacksmelt. Bait is still everywhere.

The wharf continues its marathon bait catching bonanza – you can get gobs of it off the wharf with a sabiki. We saw one legal striper come in, no halibut yet. We have high hopes however – conditions are good for stripers and there was a late bite last night.

The weather continued its weird “a bit too cool” trend today – we are really hoping for a warm up soon.

August 2, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports