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Capitola: Just a bunch of words – darn!

Well, the swell has come up and as you might expect fishing has taken a turn for the worse. We had five rentals out today – between all of them they came back with just four rock cod, with two boats skunked (no fish at all). Myron the Mariner and his brother went out today in a rental and caught and released a 4 foot leopard shark out by the new buoy. And that’s it for serious fishing.

That leaves just “fun” which without question goes to the boat with two dads and three kids. They had a ball catching and releasing sardines. The bait remains thick around here, so there’s no problem getting it – either off the wharf or from the boats. In fact all day long there was a pretty impressive show around here – we had tons of pelicans, cormorants, sea lions, and dolphins working the bait all day long.

Right now the wind is *way* up out of the west – in the mid 20 knot range right now, so that combined with the swell is making the ocean look somewhat uninviting. Oh well – we live to fish another day.

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