Capitola: Tee Shirt Weather – Finally!!!

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 85800 * Well – Ken pwned water around here today – he’s our highliner by far. Obviously fishing from his kayak, he caught the striper in between New Brighton and the Cement Ship super close to the beach flylining a live sardine. The halibut was same method, same place. Which – as regards the halibut – is definitely a good sign, cuz that’s the last place you’d expect to see a halibut after the swell we just had.

The rentals consisted more of people taking joyrides than of people fishing, but the ones who did fish caught a few rock cod (no skunks on the boats that fished – yay). The rock cod came in off Capitola reef and Soquel point using the usual rock cod stuff.

The water was a lot flatter today, and it was a beautiful morning – picturesque even. The NWS was talking about “chance of thunderstorms” last night and through tonight, but it looks like it’s not going to amount to much other than the wind that we’ve had the last two days. And that too is mellowing out rather quickly.

That gave our bait a chance to mosey on back in here. It kinda moved out just a bit – maybe a mile out of the marina. But it sure is back here now – the stenographer’s boat was shrouded in cormorants, pelicans, and sheerwaters for the better part of the afternoon (and his cat was in some kinda feline paradise). Bait is the same – sardines – lots.

People didn’t start catching them off the wharf today ’til later in the afternoon, so it made striper fishing off the wharf kinda difficult. Hence – no wharf stripers today. Otherwise, wharf fishing was pretty good. People were catching perch up and down the entire pier though it was slower in the morning than it is now.

August 6, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports