Capitola: Darn Glenn always makes it looks so darn easy

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 86489 * If you’ve ever been hankerin for a lesson in the rewards of persistence, Darn Glenn is your mentor. He ended up fishing the mile-and-a-half reef and snatched up his limit of rock fish for the week. Glenn, you may not have noticed, likes his seafood. A lot.

We asked him point blank how he does it. It comes down to this: “If it’s not really flat – if there’s a swell or wind chop or something, the rock cod will tend to hunker down. When that happens, just find a spot, drop a marker buoy, and work a circle around it. Keep doing that. If there are fish, you’ll eventually catch them.” This is his secret – it is now yours. We’ll figure out some way to rent marker buoys pretty soon now.

As you might have guessed, we had less than the whole fleet out today – kind of a bummer revenue wise but understandable – it was kinda difficult with the swell (which came back). Ultimately we had just half the fleet out – 10 boats. Most boats caught one or two rock cod – most boats were fishing by the new buoy. The swell really put a damper on things – four boats got a nice tan, and that’s about it.

But – the bait and wharf situation remain quite good. The sardines stayed more out in the middle of the marina today, but perch and jacksmelt could be had off the wharf pretty much anywhere. We saw lots more perch today – a testament to the swell which the perch seem to llike. Mostly we saw walleyes and shiners, with a few blacks mixed in. There have been no stripers caught (yet) but that late bite is still a thing as far as we know.

So – oh yeah – the swell is back. Kinda biggish. No idea when that’ll go down as the swell forecasts are famously notsogood. But – we’ll let you know.

August 9, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports