Capitola: Rafael gets his Lucky Buddha on

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 87127 * Rafael (“The Lucky Buddha”) went out with Myron the Mariner when Myron got his second wind around 9:00am. They went back over by Spongebob and as Rafael was dropping his live sardine down he hooked up on this feisty 20 inch barred sand bass!! We don’t see these often – they’re more of a southern CA fish. But sometimes we see them up here when conditions are right. Today we had overcast skies and calm warm water in the morning, and it remained calm when the sun came out (and stayed calm as the water warmed). So – the upshot of it is it’s a pretty lucky thing to catch one of these around here. But this is why we consider it to be a pretty lucky thing to have Rafael on the boat. Sometimes he doesn’t catch anything – but just having him there is good enough to load up the lines with fish. This is true. Myron will attest to it. Looks like Rafael is going to have some real good eating tonight. Congratulations amigo!

It was a slow day for the rentals – only 5 boats out not including Myron’s. All of the rentals came back with a few rock cod, with sardines being the most commonly caught fish.

Since late yesterday the water has been really flat – we haven’t seen it like this in a while. We hope that last swell was indeed the last swell of the season. If it stays down halibut fishing should get better.

There is still a lot of bait in the marina. Today the morning was the time to catch sardines off the wharf. Later in the day they moved out to the first row of the marina and then pushed out toward the end. It’s popping around the stenographer’s boat as he types. Sea lions are back in ridiculously large force as well – we could stand to see fewer of them right around here but what can you do – that’s nature.

August 12, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports