Capitola: Instant paradise – just add sunscreen

The stenographer’s fingers are cramping. Lots of fish off the wharf today folks! So here’s our final entry, Brent’s 24 incher. He caught this in the same area with the same stuff.

Needless to say, the bite is on around here – at least on the wharf (and probably elsewhere – just need more hooks in the water). It’s nice to see all these small-but-legal ones in the surf line though it’d be nice to know where the big ones are hiding. They’re around – Sheriff Larry found some yesterday – he’s not talking however, so we all have to do some exploring.

Bait. Lots. Easy to get.

Mammals – lots. Easy to see. Lots of bottlenose dolphins this afternoon – super cool!!

Pelicans – lots. DO NOT FEED THEM!!!!! If you feed them, their poppy seed sized brain will instantly equate all bipedal creatures with free meal, and they’ll never leave the wharf, attack people, and probably get the wharf shut down for a few weeks like last year. DO NOT FEED!!

Sun – lots. Warmth – lots. Calm seas. It is paradise. See you soon!

August 13, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports