Capitola: Darn!! (with just a bit of Yay!)

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It was not such a good day on the rentals. We had a decent fleet out too, so it’s particularly disappointing. Of the seven boats out, 4 got skunked. One boat came in with a rock cod, one boat came in with two flatties, and one came in with one. So – some boats did well, others – darn.

Here’s one of the “did well”: It’s taken a few years, but Gerald just caught his first halibut ever. He got in on the halibut bite that started just inside the marina yesterday. People have been getting small but legal halibut on private boats between the inside tier of buoys and the swim buoys, and Gerald’s boat joined in the fun. Sambo got two more today, and Kurtis got two as well – all in the same area. Jim got one just outside the mile reef in 50 feet of water.

And other than bait, nothing off the wharf today -weird. Well – can’t look a gift horse in the mouth – they just moved a few feet east.

Ed made a 27 mile voyage of discovery today. He has no fish to show for it at the moment. It was a very nice day though.

There is still a lot of bait in the marina – mainly sardines again, with small anchovies mixed in.

August 17, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports