Capitola: Lucky Buddha is Saaad

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 88713 * So here’s Lucky Buddha reminding us all that with the arrival of the pelicans, we all need to take special care when fishing off the wharf. The brown pelicans that are visiting us this year are the same type that visited in mass last year. Some of you may remember that it didn’t turn out so well – the city ended up closing the wharf because too many were getting snagged in fishing rigs.

Well – they’re back, and so we need to be careful. When you’re on the wharf, please help keep the wharf open for fishing. Here’s how you can help:

* NEVER FEED THEM. They are not too bright and instantly stop hunting naturally and just hang around for handouts. If they don’t get handouts after you’ve fed them, they get ornery and start attacking people and cars. NOT GOOD. DO NOT FEED!

* NEVER FISH IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER WHEN THEY ARE NEAR YOU!! If you’re jigging bait, they will wait for you to start reeling in, and they will try to take your bait. And get hooked. If you cast over them, they might fly into your gear. If you cast while they’re flying by, they may get hooked or tangled. So – JUST MOVE TO A NEW SPOT!!

If you do those two simple things, we won’t have a problem. And please – if you see others doing these things, politely ask them to stop.

Finally, if all else fails and you see one that has gotten tangled or hooked up, DO NOT try to pull them out of the water. Just call for Ed – he’ll rescue it as soon as he can.

———– End of Lecture ———–

Otherwise, fishing on the wharf today featured wide open sardines. No stripers, no halibut, no perch – just a whole mess of bait. Which is not so bad, if you dig bait.

Elsewhere on the ocean today, it was kinda slow on rock cod – we only saw one rock cod come in on a rental. Cue-Tip Mike caught a small halibut off the edge of the kelp on the west side of the whaf using live sardines. And the only other news we heard around here was of the two stripers that Larry hooked up on – they were about the same size as the two that Brendon and Leah caught. But of course – Larry does not do small. So no pics.

There’s still of course bait like crazy all over the place around here – mostly sardines. And of course that means that the ocean is alive with life – it’s continues to be a pretty good show with sea lions and bottlenose dolphins.

August 19, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports