Capitola: Sorry Charlie – stubborn anglers win

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 89180 * Our local fleet braved some pretty nasty seas about 50 miles out from here and wrangled up some nice albacore in the process. Today was really not as nice out there as it has been the last several days. We’re probably looking at the end of the current tuna bite because of it (though odds are good that tuna will be coming in for the next couple months). We heard some boats actually deciding to turn around today due to the chop – these three were pretty determined though. Beautiful catch you guys – congratulations.

On the wharf today it was bait again. Bait bait bait. And one undersized flatty – short by a maddening 1/4 inch. But – still – nooooo problem catching the bait – it just practically climbs up your line. We saw lots of smiling faces, so the lack of big fish doesn’t seem to be concerning many people.

Weather – well – it was kinda gloomy today – lots of smoke drifted in in the morning (that blew away after a couple hours). Then it got kinda foggy, then sunny, then foggy – and now it’s really foggy. Not really sure what is going to happen tomorrow but stuff usually happens in threes or fours around here so wouln’t be surprised with a repeat.

August 21, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Tim M. - August 22, 2009

    I\’m seriously confused here? how does these albacore relate to the local Capitola bite? If I launch out of Capitola on one of your skiffs I am limited to a limited regional area which has nothing to do with these tuna and the report is about 2 rock cod per angler average and one skiff out of the daily rentals actually catching something to justify the minimum $100.00 for rental fees,bait,tackle etc not to mention license fees, travel costs, etc.

    Who can afford the $100.00 minimum to get all jazzed up about catching bait?

    I guess it breaks down like this!

    watch dolphin 50-50 chance $20.00
    watch Seal $20.00
    watch birds/pelican $20.00
    watch water/seaweed $20.00
    two rockfish average $20.00
    Possibility of decent fish 3-5% of rental fleet

    I took my family to the monterey Bay Aquarium with local lunch at fishermans wharf for about $5.00 more than I spent to rent one of your skiffs and try for a halibut or other decent fish. I caught two brown rockfish and a bunch of bait with three rods in the water for 6hours spendind time on all the alleged hot spots.

    My freinds didn\’t do much better on the last three trips to rent a skiff here. We all fished live sardines
    for nada. Cut squid for 30minutes left on the rental produced a couple rockfish totaling 8 for all of us who have rented skiffs. four rentals, 8 rockfish?

    I have heard all year the bite is on and gave up to fish San Francisco instead. We like the atmosphere in Capitola and the quite hidden small town theme but come on where are the fish?

    one last point, If I launched a boat out of capitola and traveled to Mexico and returned with a Marlin would that make it a capitola marlin? I don\’t understand how you guys can claim fish caught many miles from your local as local fish?

    we loved the breakfast but the alleged homemade clam chowder we considered for lunch at the wharf house had trash cans stacked in front of the restaurant full with snows clam chowder cans on top of the garbage,OOps!!!

    My point is this operation seemed directed at locals, not people like us considered out of towners.
    Thought you might need to hear the truth from us which on the whole were very dissapointed with the experience.

    Give us a reason to come back? we include 9 san jose fishing families with many fishing options and want to give you guys every chance as I know fishing is never gauranteed.

    My point is not to

  2. Capitola Boat and Bait - August 23, 2009

    Hi Tim

    First, let me say that we’re genuinely sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with your experiences here. We try very hard to ensure that everyone who visits us has a good time, so we consider it something of a failure on our parts if you leave here unhappy.

    I’ll try to address each of your points though not necessarily in order.

    Our fishing report is not specifically intended to report only rental skiff fishing. We report on ocean fishing and conditions “around here”. We try to include all the information at our disposal that’ll help anyone who’s interested in going on the ocean to get a picture of what’s been happening. Our reports naturally focus on skiff activity as we’re obviously in an excellent position to do that. But bear in mind:

    * We launch many private boats off the Capitola wharf each day that are not constrained by rental boundaries
    * We rent kayaks and waterbikes to people who just want to get out and see the sights and/or get some exercise
    * We have readers from all over the Bay area (and beyond) that find value in hearing what’s going on *in general* in our part of the ocean

    So: we try our best to report everything we see and hear that we imagine could be of interest to those audiences.

    One suggestion you made is that our report seems directed at locals. That’s really not so, though you certainly *will* see a many reports that describe the activity of locals. That seems only natural for these reasons:

    * People who live around here (locals) naturally spend a lot of time on the water.
    * Many locals who frequent the ocean do a lot of fishing
    * Generally, the more you fish an area the better your results
    * If you catch fish, we report on it: Who, What, Where, How.
    * That information is valuable to anglers, both local and otherwise.

    So when we report on the successes and failures of local anglers, it’s not so much a bias as it is an attempt on our part to share the fruits of the many years of experience our local anglers bring to the mix. We strive for honesty in our reporting – if fishing is not good, we’ll say so. If we report that something exceptional has been caught, please bear in mind that it’s not a forecast (there is no such thing as a fishing forecast). Rather, consider our reports of fishing victories as an expression of what is *possible*.

    As to the issue of cost – I think this may be more of an issue of a misunderstanding as to what our business is about. We rent boats and kayaks and other equipment to people who want to enjoy some time on or around the ocean here. With our report and our advice on the wharf, we try to help direct those with less experience in these waters toward areas and techniques that help them catch some fish. But in the end we are not a commercial fishing outlet; we don’t do six pack charters and we don’t sell fish. As you said – it’s fishing – if you want a guarantee, you go to a market.

    Again Tim, we’re sorry to hear of your disappointment. If there was a way we could predict how fishing would go any given day, we’d gladly be all over that. But as an angler we’re sure you understand that it’s just not possible. We do hope to see you again, and wish you better luck next time.