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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Excuse (noun): alibi, apology, cleanup, cop-out, cover story …

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 89391 * We were talking about not making excuses. But now I guess once again we are – yes – we got slammed, so we only have one picture. It is a very nice picture though – here’s the story:

The Schirmer family went out and fished by Sponge Bob and ended up doing pretty well. PIctured you see their collection of rock fish for the day – some browns, a grass cod, and one vermillion (!). They were using strips of squid on rock cod jigs, and they had a blast and they said they’d be back, so sounds like a successful outing :)

We had the whole fleet out today, and those that came in with fish, came in with similar or smaller catches of rock fish and bait. There were no larger fish (like lings or halibut) that we saw except for one boat that had three leopard sharks that they released. They caught them off the kelp bed off New Brighton. Of the 18 boats we had out, only five got skunked, so not too bad really. Most of the boats that had fish had a good amount of them – not real big fish again, but fish-taco-worthy.

Other things that Ed wishes he had gotten pictures of but (see the above excuse):

* Yesterday evening as Ed was leaving, a legal striper was brought in off the wharf along with a legal halibut. [tricky with how today's excuse works for last night isn't it]

* A dad and a son who were fishing off New Brighton in kayaks came in with some nice stuff. Dad had a nice flatty, and son had a 15 pound striped bass. Imagine. Wow. What a nice photo that would have been!!

* Lots of people were fishing off the wharf today – the crowd was something to behold. Just imagine a really pretty packed wharf with lots of happy busy people fishing, and you’ll have a good idea of the photo we did not take.

Bait – still lots in the marina and off the wharf – no problem catching it. And off the wharf again – all we saw today was bait getting caught – nothing save for last night’s striper and flatty. Hopefully history will repeat itself save for the fact that Ed doesn’t have a camera with him.

Other than that – imagine a photo with dolphins in it – cuz they were around too. One of the rentals went over to the cement ship, had a good show, and came back happy.

And that’s about it for today’s imaginarium. More from Ed’s fantasy land tomorrow!

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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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