Capitola: Slim pickins

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 89605 * A bunch of Alex’s friends showed up today and rented a couple of boats to see what they could scare up. Both boats ended up with about 10 rock cod – mostly grass cod with some black-and-yellows and a few browns mixed in. They were fishing the kelp beds off Capitola reef using surf leaders with chunks of anchovies. We do not know where they got the anchovies, but if we were them we’d keep that a secret too cuz they’re like gold this summer.

So today is kind of a flip on yesterday – we have no excuses and there was plenty of time to take pictures, but there was literally nothing to take a picture of as far as the rest of the rentals are concerned. Non-bait fishing was just not very good here today with the exception of these guys and James’s kayak excursion. There’s really not much to pin this on either – there’s a little bit of a swell that has turned off what we had of a halibut bite going, but it’s really not enough to shut down rock fish – so it’s a puzzle.

Anyway – bummer. Most people were good humored about it, but boy it’d be nice to get some decent catches in on the rentals – it’s been a while.

August 23, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. jillian/jim - August 23, 2009

    It’s ok to go fishing and not catch a whole lot. We had some drinks and enjoyed the nice weather and got advice how to catch a halibut. It didn’t happen today but based on the number of people trying something must be biting around here of late.

    we encountered this friendly wheel chair officer who wrote us a parking ticket for being to far awy from the curb. We asked what was wrong and were told our car was 20inches from the curb instead of the 18inch maximum? Kind of mikey mouse if you ask us but still it didn’t ruin our day.

    we got a overall feeling that everyone in the area including local shops were hard up for cash and we were able to buy some really nice glassware and house ornaments for 1/2 price which more than made up for the ticket.

    How long does the fishing season last around here we want to give it another try before the season is over

    Thank you
    Jillian and Jim Sanders