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Capitola: Like Forrest Gump! Sardine stew, sardine sandwiches, sardine cake…..

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 90387 * We saw one small striper landed on the wharf down in the surf line. He was using a live sardine under a bobber. It was a small fish – barely legal – and the guy who caught it took off before we could snap a picture. Other than that, sardines.

If you zoom in on this one, you’ll see that there are lots of folks reeling in sardines at the very moment this picture was snapped. Coincidence?? Nooo – there are still a lot of sardines around the wharf. They are hiding from the seiners. Relative to the seiners, the sea lions and pelicans and cormorants and dolphins and people fishing on boats and on the wharf and all the other critters up and down the water column are no match at all.

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Capitola: Nothing to see here move along move along

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 90384 * Avery caught this halibut just inside of Sponge Bob by about 100 feet. He was using a live sardine on a halibut rig. He was our highliner today – we had three private boats and five other rental boats out – the only other fish we saw was one lonely rock cod on one of the other rentals. So this guy here is just lost. The fish remain elsewhere. Good for Avery though – he scored fish tacos!!

There was *lots* of wildlive action on the area of the marina today dolphins galore and many of them were getting air jumping out of the water. It was really something to behold.

The only other site was an ominous one – the hovering seiner boats have now officially graduated to “lurking”. We would like to imagine that the fact that they can’t set their nets in the marina gives OUR sardines some protection, but these guys have pretty big nets and lots and lots of time. So we’re just left with hoping they leave something for us.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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