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Capitola: There needs to be a singles club for lonely halibut around here

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If you set aside the continuing wild success of the purse seiners, our highliner today is John here. John caught this 6 pound halibut off privates using a live sardine. Congratulations John!

All told we had two rentals and two private boats (including Ed’s) out today on the ocean. And with the exception of John’s halibut, the fish are allll gone.

Ed in particular is getting pretty sick and tiredof the skunk monkey that’s been riding his back most of the summer – he’s named it and everything. We need to get the SPCA on that or something. Anyway, Ed drove around and around in and out up and down, he saw lots of sea lions and lots of scattered small frightened bait balls consiting of sardines. Twenty Four miles actually. He has a very nice tan.

On the wharf today, someone lost one of those lonely halibut like the one from yesterday, and we continue to see sardines fleeing the water in droves (one or two at a time on a sabiki).

Weather however, is beautiful. The south swell only lasted a day or so – it’s back to pretty flat now, and it’s pleasantly warm and breezy.

Ed is going to venture out of rental bounds (and seiner territory) tomorrow to see what else is out there. We all wish him luck.

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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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