Santa Cruz: Myron the Mariner is the Fish Whisperer!

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 91847 * Myron the Mariner found the bunker where every fish on the northern coast of Monterey Bay has been hiding today. Apparently it’s somewhere in between the harbor and the whistle buoy. If you had gone there today as Myron did and fished that area with live sardines on halibut rigs, you too might have more fish than you’ve ever caught in your whole life.

This is in fact a picture of Myron’s best fishing day ever in his whole life, and includes a shot of his first ever legal lingcod. His biggest flattie today was 21 pounds, the smaller was 14, and the lings were 26 and 28 inches. Fan-tastic catch Myron!!!

Yesterday we had two very nice posts all lined up to go, complete with a picture of Ed and two flatties that he caught between the west side of the wharf in Capitola and the first kelp bed, and with a picture of a large white seabass in the water off of Soquel Point. But. The stenographer somehow managed to destroy these photos and then he got crabby and neglected to post anything. He apologizes, particularly to Ed who’s sure been waiting long enough for Pepe Le Pew to climb off his back. And there he was with a great catch and the stenographer blows it. Bad stenographer!!

But – regardless of all that, it’s good evidence that the fish aren’t all in Santa Cruz right now. A private boat out of Capitola caught a dozen rock cod including some blacks, browns, and a couple vermillion off Soquel point today. We didn’t see anything else come in however, so it looks like Santa Cruz might be a better bet at the moment.

We’ve got a lot of red tide packed in the marina and around the wharf in Capitola now, and Boccie reports that there’s a bunch inside the harbor as well. In Capitola, the affected water appears to be chocked full of bait. Don’t know about the harbor. Ed says that the area of red tide in Capitola dissipates quickly just outside the marina, so it’s a very local event.

September 3, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports