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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Plenty of boats available

One last note – as of this moment we have 18 (out of 20) boats available tomorrow.  So the odds of your being able to rent a boat tomorrow morning without a reservation are very very good.  And of course you can call ahead in the morning to be sure.

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Capitola: It is hit or miss, but the hits look pretty tasty

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 92460 * It is our distinct pleasure to introduce to you today’s highliners. This is Jose, Thomas, and Noae with Bomborra reef’s contribution the air breathers today. They fished the edge of Bomborra reef most of the day (staying clear of the Spongebob crowd) using surf leaders with strips of squid and got a nice combo catch: one legal halibut, some black and yellow rock cod, some grass cod, a couple of browns, and a few rock crab. This is a few very nice meals.

To say these guys were our highliners (aside from Darn Glenn) is something of an understament – Sponge Bob (which is where most rentals fished today) had every other rental coming home empty handed. The only other success story we had comes with a caveat – the people who did it were not so attentive to rental boundaries. A Santa Cruz rental came down towards Capitola and fished off Soquel point early this afternoon, and they caught a 28 inch halibut just as Mike met up with them to tell them to head back west. They were fishing shrimp fly rigs with squid.

So – sounds like a good idea to maybe get imaginative and try places other than Sponge Bob. Oh – cept for this one: Dan just radioed in that he got spooled by what was very probably a large white seabass out by Sponge Bob.

Speaking of ghosts, over the radio today we heard someone talking about having caught a very nice white seabass – see Bayside Marine’s web site for more details (if there are any).

In general we’re still seeing LOTS of dolphins around here – it continues to be a banner year for bottlenose around here. If you’re in a boat, the odds of getting close enough to pet one have never been better (though we’re not sure we’d recommend that).

Finally, wharf fishing. Hmmm – might be a bit interesting tomorrow – all we saw all day long was bait except for a report very early this morning of someone getting a 12 inch striper on cut sardines under a bobber. If it unfolds like that tomorrow morning for the derby, they’ll need to use a scale and a bucket.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is:

* Free fishing day – no license required to fish from a boat all day

* A Boat Bucks day – $10 off on an all day rental

* And of course, the derby

Lots going on – come on down and get in on it while the getting is good!

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Capitola: Darn Glenn is mastering the art of fish arrangements

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 92457 * Darn Glenn was fishing Adam’s reef today and concluded his little science experiment with this halo of rock fish (nicely arranged). He said he started out fishing with live sardines but wasn’t having any luck with takedowns, so he switched to swim baits and hit the jackpot. In this case, the jackpot is a limit of rock fish, a vermillion, blacks, olives, vermillion, and a copper or two. Very nice – this is what Darn Glenn lives for. And do please notice the pleasant symmetry in the arrangement. He’s hoping to corner the market on this thing.

For a while we were thinking that Glenn might be our highliner today, but – see next post!

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We apologize again for our tardiness, but better late than never:

Tomorrow September 7th 2009 is a free fishing day and a boat bucks day! The fishing derby is only for wharf fishing (so you can’t combine the two), but you can certainly do one after the other if you want (derby in the morning, get a boat in the afternoon).

If you happen to be in the area, this is a *great* opportunity to try out ocean fishing or introduce friends and family to your favorite past time.  We have lots of boats available for tomorrow so it’s likely that you can just drop on in and rent a boat. If you want to be sure however, call ahead and make a reservation.

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