Capitola: Shoulder-to-shoulder and smiles all around

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 92649 * This year’s Begonia Festival Fishing Derby was fantastic fun!  Most of the fish caught were bait fish – sardines and mackerel, with the larger fish being skates and rays.  The weather was gorgeous, the turnout was *spectacular*, and it was just really nice to see the fishing rods and trophies going to the younger kids this year.

We will have names and categories for the photos in a while – we’re still sorting things out a bit.  But – go ahead and click on the photo to the left here to view the gallery – Ed did a nice job with photos this year.

We do have one nice highlight from a rental to post yet, but we’re going to wait a bit as we’re kinda busy.  In the mean time if you haven’t been out here yet, today is another great dolphin watching day – they’re all over the place outside the marina.

September 7, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports